Baynon is the younger brother of Ren and the son of Dagron and Erin.

He is played by James Malpas.

Family Edit

Baynon lives with his father and sister in a small cottage in Lyngarth. He was only a baby when they lost their mother, and has been largely raised by Ren and other friendly villagers, such as Torberry.

Personality Edit

A very light-fingered child, his stealing is often a pain for his family and the other villagers. He is high spirited and troublesome, often stealing small items just for amusement.

"Looking for this?"
"You give that back at once!"
"I always do."
- Baynon and Dagron, discussing a stolen purse.
Baynon is highly resourceful and determined. He adores his sister Ren, and is distraught at the thought that she might leave. He is willing to put himself in mortal danger from the totalitarian and the Kah'Nath Commander to protect her.

Fate Edit

At the end of Season One, he is seen being dragged away by Karn, after Ren and Hunter are forced to flee without them after cut off by the Kah'Nath soldiers. His fate is therefore unknown.

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