Dagron is the father of Ren and Baynon. A toy-maker and woodcarver, he struggles to provide for his family. He is played by Nick Cornwall.

Early life and family Edit

Dagron was probably a native of the village of Lyngarth. More than twenty years ago he met Erin and the pair married. They had two children first the eldest, a girl named Ren, and ten years later a boy named Baynon.

Erin died under unknown circumstances while Baynon was just a baby, leaving Dagron to raise the children alone. However, something about Erin's activities had drawn the attentions of the Kah'Nath, and Dagron was forced to leave the children in the care of their family friends Torberry and Sophene while he surrendered to the Kah'Nath, hoping to explain that his family were innocent. It is not known for how long Dagron was interogated by the Kah'Nath, but he certainly seems to have encountered the Kah'Nath Commander and perhaps also the Master during this period, and it may have been during this period he acquired the leg injury which causes him to walk with a pronounced limp even into the present day.

"After all we've done to break you...After all you've been still defy us?" - The Master, Episode 5

Friends Edit

Dagron seems to have a good friendship with Torberry, who cared for Ren and Baynon when they were young. He seems to have few other friends.

He's actively distrustful of Karn, who it is implied was a former friend of Erin's. He warns Ren not to spend time with him because he's brought nothing but trouble.

Personality Edit

Still finding it difficult to come to terms with the loss of his wife, Dagron is struggling to make ends meet. Dagron clearly has a temper and clashes often with the headstrong Ren and Baynon's playful antics. He is frustrated at his inability to offer his children a better life.

Dagron is seen to make some extreme decisions under the desire to keep his family safe, particularly from what he fears are underly magics.

Skills Edit

Dagron has a small market stall at which he sells small woodcarved toys.

Fate (spoilers) Edit

Dagron is stabbed by the Kah'Nath Master at the end of Season One protecting Ren, and dies a short time later.

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