Episode Four is the fourth episode of Series One.


At the start of the episode, Ren is dragged away by the Kah'Nath, in front of a regretful Dagron, who is given an unwanted bag of coins by the Kah'Nath Commander. Hunter is in prison, and Karn is seen, bow drawn, looking around the corpses of Kah'Nath soldiers killed in the forest.

Ren is brought in front of the villagers, and tied by her hands to a frame, and the Commander recounts the dangers of Marked Ones to the astonished and fearful crowd that gathers.

Meanwhile, Baynon looks through the bars to see Hunter in his cell, and then goes to the guards, pretending to want to kill Hunter and wanting reassurance that he is locked up - in fact, it is a ruse to steal their keys. After Hunter swears by Nereith and Nardieth to help Ren, Baynon hands over the keys, and Hunter knocks out the guards, steals the money they were gambling for, and leaves.

The Commander sends men to inform the Kah'Nath Master, who arrives just as Hunter and Baynon do. Hunter stays out of sight, informing an agitated Baynon that he is powerless to stop the Master before leaving. The Master brings a Mahri vessel much like the one that Ren broke earlier in the series, hangs it upon a chain above her and draws a knife.

Dagron, in the crowd, objects and protests that the Kah'Nath had claimed they could remove the spirit: the Master points out that this is precisely what he is about to do, by depriving it of its living host. The episode ends with the Master and Ren face to face.

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