Episode Three is the middle episode of Series One.


As the episode opens, Hunter is carrying an unconscious Ren, who has fainted due to the effect of the Mahri spirit now living within her. He comes across Baynon, who after some reassurance brings Hunter and Ren back to their house, where they watch as Ren's skin glows, becoming Marked.

Ren awakes, quickly becoming panicked and angry at her unlooked-for transformation and Hunter explains to her that she is now a Nu'Mahri - a Marked One. Ren suggests that she has been cursed by the Gods, a theory that Hunter dismisses. He persuades Ren that she needs to leave with him to avoid danger to her family.

At this point Dagron arrives back at the house. He chases Hunter out, and after some discussion tells Ren to remain in her room and wait for him to return. Outside, Hunter meanwhile has caught the attention of the Kah'Nath, who he fights through the streets of Lyngarth.

Baynon and Ren talk, and Ren tries to reassure him of their father's good intentions and the possibility of her having to leave, mentioning Nereith and Nardeith as an example of being apart but still together. She untwists the two parts of her pendant, giving one to Baynon.

Hunter continues to evade and fight the Kah'Nath, until their Commander surprises him by entering an alley his is backing down from the other side. He tells them that they will hang him at sundown, and threatens any of his men who display similar incompetence in future with the same fate.

Ren prays to Nereith to remove the Mark, but nothing happens. The episode ends as Dagron returns, and opens the door, showing that he has brought the Kah'Nath commander to take Ren.

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