Episode Two is the second episode of Series One.


The episode begins with Baynon coming up to Dagron and Ren: his face is smeared with mud, and he is playing at being a Marked One. Dagron, afraid and angry due to the presence of the Kah'Nath, physically shoves Baynon home and forces him to wash the mud off - Ren protests at his rough handling of her brother.

Dagron is unhappy at the presence of the Commander, and explains that the Kah'Nath have been to Lyngarth before, seeking a fugitive Mahri'Rai. Ren tries to reassure him, but Baynon then picks up the book that Ren has, alerting Dagron to it - he berates Ren for bringing the banned item home. He notices that it is bound with a pendant of Erin's that he has not seen in a long time, and realises that she got the book from Karn.

Dagron and Ren argue - he says that Karn is a dangerous and reckless fool who will bring danger, in response to which Ren angrily points out that Karn had helped her and Baynon in the past when Dagron had walked out on them. Dagron responds by saying he did so to keep them safe, while Ren points out Karn's help in teaching her to forage for the food they need to survive. Finally, Dagron throws the book in the fire, and tells Ren that Karn is the reason her mother is gone: she storms out of the door. Baynon sees the book burning in the fire, and catches sight of the pendant.

Ren runs off into the forest, where Lyanna is fleeing from the Kah'Nath: Ren, seeing her face markings, initially believes her to be a Marked One. Lyanna gives Ren the wrapped Reather while she fights. Fighting alongside Hunter, Lyanna defeats the soldiers, and is just taking the Reather back from Ren when a soldier shoots her in the back. She and Ren drop the Reather, which shatters, releasing a glowing Mahri spirit which enters Ren.

Hunter kills the last soldier and then, cradling a dying Lyanna, tells Ren sharply to leave. She does so, but feels a strange sensation in her head.

Hunter says to his dying companion that their mission had been worthless, and that "he" (who is unclear) would no longer want the broken Reather. Lyanna reveals to Hunter before she dies that that the Reather contained a Mahri spirit, which he hadn't known - and that the spirit is now within Ren.

Hunter rushes off to catch up with Ren, who at first tries to get him to leave as they re-enter the village. As the episode closes, Ren falls to her knees and says that she feels strange, before looking up at him with glowing eyes.

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