Lyanna is a character in the webseries Ren: The Girl with the Mark. She is portrayed by Dita Tangtang.

Lyanna is child of the wild, having lived an outcast nomadic life. Her clothing reflects her outcast status, being constructed of woven furs and leather from creatures trapped in the woods, decorated with teeth and feathers.

Friends Edit

Lyanna and Hunter are working together to steal the Reather, but it is uncertain how far back their partnership goes. Hunter refers to a "he" that they are working for, but as yet the identity of this person is unknown.

Personality Edit

Lyanna is courageous and determined. She is willing to take big risks to get what she needs, even going so far as disguise herself as one of the hated Marked Ones to achieve their goal. She can also be secretive, even from her partner in crime, Hunter, to whom she doesn't tell the reason for their mission to steal the Reather until it is too late.While trying to get away from their pursuers, Lyanna encounters Ren in the forest and her plans are seriously disrupted.

Skills Edit

Lyanna is a very skilled combatant, fighting hand to hand against several Kah'Nath soldiers. Her preferred weapons include a number of small hooked knives. Her fighting style is wild and brutal; at one point she is willing to use dying soldiers as shields to hide behind.

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