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Ren: The Girl with the Mark[edit | edit source]

This is the wiki for the independent webseries Ren: The Girl with the Mark (the story of the eponymous heroine) and the intricate fantasy world around it. The series was made by Mythica Entertainment, and spearheaded by series creators Kate Madison and Christopher Dane. Kate Madison has already received a global following for her 2009 Lord of the Rings fanfilm Born of Hope.

Ren: The Girl with the Mark tells the story of Ren, a young woman living in a small village in the fantasy world of Alathia. After a strange encounter with two fugitives in the forest, Ren becomes entangled in a frightening and dangerous new world of ancient spirits, strange powers and mysterious characters, all while avoiding the dangerous military regime of the Kah'Nath, who rule the land.

Series One was filmed in the UK in 2014, and released on Youtube as five 10 minute episodes in 2016. So far, episode one has had over 2.5 million views, and the series has won fourteen awards.

As of January 2019, work began on Series Two[1]. In February 2020, a Kickstarter for Series 2 is being run.

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